Childhood lessons for success in business

Talk about learning to succeed in business and you usually have expert business journals or your MBA textbook hovering around your mind. After all, business is not a child’s play. True. But do you know some of the most important lessons for business success have been ingrained in us since our kiddo days? Yes, you would only need to look back for a while and ponder over what your mom taught you, what you learnt from your favorite superhero or what you elementary teacher used to talk about in those moral science classes.

It takes hard work to earn well

Remember the time when you used to nag for a cycle and your mom didn’t give you until you scored 100 on 100 in your math test?  The same thing applies when you are aspiring for success in your business. There is no alternative to hard work. You have to burn the midnight oil at times when you are aiming for heightened profits in your venture.

Be ruthless where needed

Almost all of us have got some of the sweetest memories with musical chairs. Amidst all its fun and laughter, the game also teaches us to vie for the chair so that we are not eliminated out of the game. The same rings true with business. You have to be really ruthless at times, especially when there is a shortage- so that we don’t lag behind in the competition. In business, you have to stay alert to the tunes of the market to avoid risks of missing out on your deserving opportunities.

Trust to survive

Superheroes have not only awed us with their phenomenal powers but have also laid before us some of the crucial lessons to follow both in life and business. For example, Batman has taught us some of the most hard-hitting lessons and one of them is to have trust in people and system. When you are working with somebody you have to have trust in him as otherwise it would be impossible to delegate responsibilities necessary to operate the business. An ambience of distrust leads to severe confusion and misunderstanding. Remember, how despite a world full of heinous monsters, Batman did not lose out on his trust in law & order?

Express gratitude heartily

One of the first lessons that we learnt as a kid is surely to say a hearty “thank you”. You must maintain that grateful attitude as an entrepreneur as well and never forget to say thanks to whoever helps you in your endeavors. Be it your client who approves the deal or the junior employee who suggests a cool strategy or even the sweeper who diligently works to keep your office clean- you must be thankful to everybody who benefits you and your business. A humble attitude creates an unmatched positive impression for you- a great thing when you have to win contacts.

So, never lose out on the child in you. The seeds of success have been reaped in us long before we decided to be entrepreneurs. At times, it does good to look back.


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