Vaping 101 – Things You Need To Learn

You’ve finally decided to quit smoking and that would be one of the best decisions you will ever make. The problem is, your body is still craving for nicotine and it seems like it is tempting to pop up another smoke especially if you are together with your folks who enjoys smoking in front of you. It is kind of annoying and tempting as well. Vaping would be a better alternative to satisfy your smoking pleasure, but when entering the world of vaping, there are massive of selections to choose from. Unlike smoking, all you need to decide is the brand, while vaping may require a lot decision making from the kind of vaping unit, flavors and more.

Anatomy Of A Vaping Device

There are a few pieces of stuff you should learn first. Often the units are look the same but in reality, they are different from one to another model or unit.

  • Vape Tanks – This is where the cloud sensation happens. This is where the e-liquid and heating coil are placed.
  • Vape Coil – It is a piece of wire where you can drop your e-juice like a coil shape then wicked and absorbed the material like cotton.
  • Batteries – The batteries’ lifespan will always vary depending the quality of the manufacturer, make sure to always purchase batteries from credible online stores.
  • Vape Mod – best box mod is the housing of the batteries that connects or transfer the power to the vape coils.
  • E-Juice – This is where the fun begins. There are lots of flavors to choose from, so you may have to take the time you need to figure out the kind of taste you want for your vaping pleasure.
  • Brands

There are many kinds of brands you can select from, but make sure when buying the kind of vape, it is made from credible manufacturers.

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