List of Tourist Attractions In the Canada

It is much known these days that Canada has various tourist attractions. The first thing comes to the mind of people, especially the travelers, is Montreal. This country is very famous for its municipality. Thus, here are some guides and tips about the famous locations in Montreal from read more.This site is known in terms of sharing information about the culture and different knowledge in Canada.

Famous Tourist Attractions in the Montreal

  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. This place is considered as the oldest museum in the country. It is not biggest; however, a lot of people from different parts of the travel in this place especially for the art lovers. It is known that the foundation of this museum is based on the money that was collected in the 1860s by Bishop Fulford. The shared decision that was made was to change the museum to the Golden Square Mile which has a bigger space to offer.
  • Montreal Biosphere. This museum is very famous and unique because of its theme regarding the environment. This place is not just a paradise to visit but it also has a significant contribution in terms of spreading the awareness related to the issues about the environmental conservation and encourages them to be initiative. This kind of issues includes pollution, ozone layer depletion, and deforestation of the industries. This museum explains these pressing issues with a very detailed explanation with a clear message with the help using interactive exhibits, models, and laser show.
  • Montreal Olympic Park. This kind of Olympic park is dedicated to the sport enthusiast. When the 1976 Summer Olympics was held in the Montreal, this park serves as the main venue. This park has been maintained properly and already becomes the primary tourist destination in the city. This attracts all visitors who are a fan of sports. On the other hand, this park has different parts such as Olympic Pool, Saputo Stadium, Athlete‚Äôs Village, and Biodome. Thus, people can spend their whole days in this kind of place.

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