The Contributions of Blake Goldring

The Goldring family has established a good reputation because of their contributions. Warren Goldring has a son named Blake C. Goldring who also became a student in Victoria College and graduated from U of T. The family members of Goldring have given their support to the Victoria College and U of T in physical fitness, extracurricular activities, learning, and in sports. As a matter of fact, Blake became one of the most respected leaders of the university.

What People Should Know About Blake C. Goldring

Blake Goldring was the leader of the Canadian community and he is also the chairman and CEO of AGF Management Limited. In May 2006, Blake had found the Canada Company that aims of connecting the Canadian leaders and the Canadian military. He assures that both parties receive the recognition and support that they deserve while promoting the connection between the two.

Despite having a busy lifestyle, Blake together with his family still manage to help their Alma Matter which is the University of Toronto. They have also helped the Canadian University in various projects. Blake is also involved in different organizations in the community such as working as the director of the Film Centre in Canada, Toronto Symphony Orchestra vice-chair, and co-chair of the Toronto Prosperity Initiative.

There are indeed plenty of things that the Canadian community has to thank blake goldring as well as his family. There focus is not only to succeed in their business and personal life but also to help other people especially those whom they have valued and have helped them reach their dreams. As of now, Blake already has his own family wherein he has three daughters. Goldring is living in Canada together with his kids and his wife while he continues to do his great works in the community of Canada.

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