Area Rug Cleaning – Do It Yourself

There are lots of ways you can find online on how to clean your rug. So why get a professional? The DIY techniques are good for normal area rugs and not advisable for commercial rugs and imported ones. You could possibly do some damage to the delicate fabrics due to harsh techniques when you use the DIY of cleaning it. You need a professional area rug cleaning service that gets it properly done for you. Doing this would also maximise the life of your rugs. It also applies different cleaning process such as

  • Inspection
  • Vacuuming
  • Identifying Stains
  • Shampooing
  • Rinsing
  • Sanitising
  • Deodorising


Some of the cleaners also use quality rug dusters or have specialists that can examine stains and clean it properly and odourless. They also have qualified technicians that are trained to clean rugs both oriental and Persian ways. It is effective and restores its original beauty. They apply extensive process to perform the services and accurately use necessary cleaning methods.


There are different types of area rugs and its fabric, shapes and sized varies. You wanted to prolong its lifespan and it is important to remove stains on it in a very careful way.  Care unit can be done by


  • Vacuuming large rugs for dirt removal
  • Brush out hair or pet hairs by using a stiff brush
  • Turn rugs yearly by putting it under the sun to dry
  • Shake small areas of the rugs outside


Deep cleaning is necessary for rugs that have been used for over 12 months. It is important to properly dry clean it to avoid the presence of unwanted bugs. If there are any forms of stains be sure to remove it quickly. Remove stain by blotting and not rubbing. Avoid using chemicals if you are not sure how to apply it. Test the solution before doing spot cleaning.

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