Best electric shower for you

What Is An Electric Shower?

We’ve all seen showers before, but what are exactly electric showers? Electric showers function the same as a regular shower with the exception that it runs on electricity and heats your water. What it does is that it passes electric current through a piece of metal called heating element, and when cold water passes through it brings the heat with it, bringing you hot water.
The next question is, what can be the for you? There are many types of electric showers out there and there are three major considerations when buying some electric showers: reliability, safety, and energy saving.

• Triton Seville
Made by the company Triton, well-known for their showers. This particular shower offers 5 different spraying options. It has 3 settings, Cold setting, high power setting and economy setting. This offers 5 cable entry points for water and electricity. It has great capability and reliability all for an affordable price.

• Triton Kito
Made also by the same company, this shower features an all chrome finish. It also offers 5 different spraying options and has a limescale resistant shut down which prolongs your shower life.

• Triton T80z fast fit
With a power of 9.5 kW, this shower provides easy fit for water and electric connections. It also gives 5 options for spraying. Made readily for easy install.

• Mira Sport
Made by the company Mira showers, this shower offers an analog dial for your temperature needs and an ECO setting for saving energy. It’s multiple entry points will make life easier when installing.

• Triton Martinique
Made by the company Triton, this shower features limescale build-up resistant shut down, so you don’t need to worry about limescale building up.

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