Motorcycles, Motorcycle Parts, and Other Things of Note

Here are the things you need to know about motorcycle parts and accessories. OE or Original Equipment refer to motorcycle parts you buy from the maker of your motorcycle, especially if you’ve bought a new branded motorcycle. This ensures perfect compatibility when swapping your old engine or brakes with new ones. They’re also known as stock accessories for motorcycles. They’re usually offered by the maker of your bike (the so-called original manufacturer and company), but there are some parts that are OE-grade or OE-quality parts made by third-parties. However, any third-party maker of parts, however OE-quality they are, is referred to as an aftermarket company. To err on the side of caution, most owners of new bikes tend to buy OE-grade or OEM parts even though they’re more expensive than aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket and Customized Parts

• You need to practice “buyer beware” at times when it comes to buying certain aftermarket parts. Read the fine print, because some of them sell refurbished, used, or salvaged parts that are sold aftermarket or claimed to be OE (technically) but are still lower-grade than what you could get from brand new aftermarket parts. As a rule of thumb though, the best aftermarket part is basically a clone of the OE part, so if you want to improve your bike with it, tough luck.

• To customize your bike so that it can be more than what it once was even when it was brand new, you need to get custom motorcycle parts made by expert mechanics that can boost the performance of your bike without ending up with compatibility issues. Also take note that with every motor upgrade, you also need corresponding brake, shock absorber, and suspension upgrades as well for good measure.

• Customizing your motorcycle also entails removing certain parts so that the parts you put on it can work better. Motorcycle customization is something that you cannot take lightly. You should be well-versed with at least fixing your bike or chopper before thinking about improving its design so that it becomes a machine that’s uniquely yours, with your fingerprints all over it and whatnot.

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