Reverse Osmosis System For Aquarium: Cleaner Tanks

For those who already own an aquarium, they know how hassle it is to clean the fish tanks thoroughly and avoid the fish from getting stressed whenever they need to be transferred again and again as their tank needs to be cleaned. That is why filters are available on pet stores to decrease the chances of algae to accumulate and make sure that some of bacteria will be filtered on the tool.

In the market, there are different filtering system available depending on what type of water you are using for your fish tank. But, if you are looking for the common filter that is suitable for any kind of aquarium, then you are looking for Reverse osmosis system for aquarium. It is a filtering equipment installed in your fish tank that filters majority of the impurities to cut your cleaning to half and make sure that the water where your fishes live is clean and safe.

Stages Of Reverse Osmosis System

  • First Step – the water going to be filtered will enter the first chamber that contains a sediment filter that removes the large particles. This serves as the first part of filtering the impurities. Since it filters the bigger particles, it should be replaced after four months.
  • Second Step – After the big particles is filtered, the water will pass to the second chamber that has carbon pre-filter. This kind of filter removes the toxins, chlorine and other harmful chemicals found on the water being filtered.
  • Third Step – then, it goes to where the semi-permeable membrane and the remaining impurities are going to be filtered.
  • Final Stage – The water from the membrane will leave and is ready to go to the tank. The water that didn’t pass the membrane is drained to the tube, straight to the pipes. This assure that no harmful substance is going to the tank.

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