The methods in paying real estate agent

There are varying fees and amount considered for every condominium for sale. The payment and fees can greatly vary between a 2000 square meter unit located on the third floor of the building and a 2000 square meter unit located on the fifth floor of the building. The assessment needed to determine the applying fees also differ from every unit. Several considerations such as the maintenance fees, development fees, and the insurance fees should be looked upon. Thus, you should know the payment methods involved for real estate agent.

Condominium Fees

Let us sum up all of the common and major fees involved in buying condos, as well as the fees applying while you are living in it.

  • Average Fees

o    These are the fees involved regarding your purchase of the unit. This can be normally be done in a monthly fashion. Nevertheless, some rich individuals can make a deal with the company owning the building to do the payment annually. However, this method is quite pricey since the amount would accumulate at the end of the year. The payment would cover the calculated estimate of the amount needed to build the unit. It would consider the price of the land, the water system, the plumbing, the electrical layout, and other factors important in building the unit.

  • Maintenance and Developmental Fees

o    These fees would cover your expected contribution for the maintenance of your unit, the vicinity of the building, as well as the equipment for your enjoyed amenities. This would normally involve the maintenance and development of the elevator units, the swimming pools, the tennis courts, the jogging area, as well as the parking lots. If you have a relatively small unit, you can expect a lower contribution to this fee. Nevertheless, the computation for this can vary from one place to another.





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