Katon Dawson

Katon Dawson was first elected Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party in 2002, was unanimously re-elected twice, and served on the Republican National Committee from 2002-2009.

Dubbed “a tough-as-nails southern warrior” by Washington Times Columnist Donald Lambro, Dawson turned the South Carolina Republican Party’s financial deficit into a large surplus with aggressive fundraising and sound fiscal management.

Walter Whetsell

Walter Whetsell is the owner and President of Starboard Communications, a political consulting and marketing firm located in Lexington, South Carolina.

With over two decades of experience managing and consulting political campaigns for Republican candidates and conservative ballot issues, Walter has established himself as a skilled administrator who specializes in both developing creative strategic programs as well as executing the types of targeted media and voter-contact campaigns that break through the clutter found too often in American politics.